PlayStar Reload Bonus: Get Rewarded With The Reload Bonus From PlayStar Casino

As your concierge, I’m very pleased to bring you a new and exciting PlayStar reload bonus today. This one comes in the form of seven daily Star Picks games, through which you can win up to $500 cash.

Other prizes include up to 100 free spins and a $50 Star Rewards voucher. To play, you just need to deposit and wager $50 in a single day. I strongly recommend that you do so on Monday, as this will give you access to all seven daily Star Picks games. Curious to know more? Then follow me…

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About Star Picks - The latest PlayStar reload promo

Every Monday, we’re giving you the opportunity to shoot for the stars with our Star Picks promotion.

Here’s the lowdown

  • Every Monday seven Star Picks games are released
  • You need to deposit and wager $50 in a single day to play
  • One game is available to play every day from Monday to Sunday
  • You get six picks for each daily game
  • You need to match three symbols to win a prize
  • Prizes include up to 100 free slot spins, a $50 PlayStar Star Rewards promo voucher, and up to $500 in cash

My top tip when claiming your PlayStar reload bonus

Being your PlayStar concierge, no one knows this promotion as well as me. Just as I did for you for the PlayStar cashback bonus, here’s an essential tip from me before you start:

Make sure to deposit and wager your $50 on Monday, as this is the only way to get your six picks for all seven Star Picks games.

For example, were you to deposit and wager $50 on a Friday, you would only get access to three games, as this promotion resets every week.

How to claim the PlayStar casino reload promotion

Claiming access to our Star Picks games every day is easy, as my step-by-step guide below will show you. As I said above, just remember to do the first two steps every Monday if you want to get the most out of this promotion.

  1. Sign in to your PlayStar NJ account
  2. Manually opt-in for the Star Picks promotion
  3. Deposit at least $50 in a single day (preferably Monday)
  4. Wager your $50 on the same day on our online casino games
  5. Head to the “Promotions” tab every day to find the Star Picks game
  6. You get six picks per day for each game
  7. Match at least three symbols to win a prize
  8. There are eight Star Picks prizes available to win every day

Deposit and wagering conditions

I’ve got some good news for you here, as the wagering conditions for our Star Picks reload entry are even more flexible than our PlayStar refer a friend offer. Your $50 deposit doesn’t have to be a single transaction, it just has to be done in a single day, however, you reach it.

For example, you could deposit $25 in the morning and another $25 later in the day. When it comes to wagering your $50, make sure to play with your real money deposit only, as bonus funds don’t count.

Who is eligible for this promotion?

As with our PlayStar VIP bonus, you need to be one of our existing patrons to play this game. To create an account with us here at PlayStar, you need to be aged 21+ and located within NJ state borders.

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What prizes can you win with the PlayStar reload bonus?

Now we’ve reached the fun part – the prizes! As I said earlier, there are eight prizes that you can win by matching three symbols, or more, with your six picks on our daily Star Picks games.

Each day’s game will be slightly different in terms of look and theme, but they all follow a similar gameplay format. Basically, it’s like a digital scratch card, where your symbols will appear as you wipe the grid.

Here’s a list of everything that you can potentially win:

  • Three Silver Stars: 10 free spins for Superstars slot
  • Four Pink Stars: 25 free spins for Superstars slot
  • Five Purple Stars: 50 free spins for Superstars slot
  • Six Coins: $50 Star Rewards voucher
  • Seven Top Hats: 100 free spins for Superstars slot
  • Eight Dice: $25 cash
  • Nine Money Bags: $50 cash
  • 10 PlayStar Logos: $500 jackpot

PlayStar casino reload bonus - Prize terms and conditions

As you can see from the information above, there are three different prize types that you can win with this reload bonus:

  1. Free spins
  2. Star Rewards voucher
  3. Cash

Each prize comes with a few terms and conditions attached. But don’t worry, there’s nothing too restrictive or that’s designed to trip you up. As your PlayStar concierge, it is my job to ensure that you are 100% informed about everything to do with this promotion before you claim it.

With that in mind, here are the essential T&Cs for each Star Picks prize:

Free spins 

If you have already claimed our PlayStar 100,000 free spins promo, then you will find this to be very familiar territory. However, as a refresher, here’s the deal (pay particular attention to the final point, it really is good news if I may say so):

  • Your free spins can only be used on the nominated game (Superstars slot)
  • Each free spin is worth $0.10
  • Your free spins are valid for seven days from the moment they are credited (longer than most online casino free spins where 24-72 hours is the norm)
  • There is no wagering requirement with these free spins – your winnings are directly withdrawable!

Star Rewards voucher

Again, this may be familiar to some of you, especially if you have received a Star Rewards voucher from us as part of your PlayStar birthday bonus.

For those of you potentially getting your first Star Rewards voucher, here’s how they work:

  • We’ll send the voucher to you via email within 72 hours
  • It is valued at $50 and is non-cashable (cannot be withdrawn)
  • You can use the voucher to get discounts and freebies from various retail brands around NJ

Cash prizes

The top three prizes that you can get with the PlayStar reload bonus come in the form of cash – and when we say “cash” we mean cash. This will be credited directly to you as withdrawable money with no wagering requirements attached – so you can spend it as you please.

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PlayStar reload bonus - Pros and cons

Before I’m relieved of my duties as your PlayStar concierge for today, I’d like to summarize the Star Picks promotion fairly and honestly. Below, you can see a list of the main advantages and disadvantages of this particular promotion:


  • Seven Star Picks games to play – one every day
  • You get six picks for each game
  • Eight prizes available for every game
  • Win up to 100 free spins, a $50 voucher, or $500 in cash
  • You can play again every single week
  • $50 deposit and wagering conditions are very flexible
  • No wagering requirements on free spins, vouchers, or cash prizes


  • No rollover – you need to deposit and wager $50 on Monday to get access to all seven weekly Star Picks games
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PlayStar reload bonus - Conclusion

Overall, I truly believe this to be one of the most exciting promotions here at PlayStar. There is no limit on the number of times that you can claim it, but at the same time there’s no requirement to grab it every week – so it’s totally flexible.

If and when you do decide to unlock our Star Picks games, just remember my one essential piece of advice – deposit and wager on Monday. This gives you access to all seven daily games and therefore a better chance of winning cash, vouchers, or free spins.

Until next time,

Your PlayStar Concierge

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