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One job, two donut brands and 24,000+ applications…but only one could have the opportunity to crown a tasty winner!

Huge congratulations to our donut king Sean Clayton from South Carolina, who was given the ultimate task of tasting donuts from both Dunkin and Krispy Kreme…but who came out on top? See Sean’s review below!

“When you see an application to become a donut tester you have to apply for it. When you get the email that you were selected out of 24,000 applicants it’s not something you take lightly. PlayStar wanted a comparison of Dunkin and Krispy Kreme to find out which donuts reign supreme. So, I did what any reasonable person would do… I went out, bought 6 dozen donuts, and got to work!

winner with donuts

The ordering experience between the two companies was equally pleasant. Looking over the glass windows that were filled with tasty treats as I selected the best-looking donuts, was enjoyable to say the least. Each company has tons of variety and so many different flavors to choose from that there is something for everyone no matter which store you end up in. As far as cost, Krispy Kreme was slightly more expensive, coming in at about $10 higher for three dozen donuts so the budget friendly win goes to Dunkin.

winner with donuts

First up, were the plain glazed donuts. Honestly, it’s hard to beat a Krispy Kreme, "Hot Now" donut. They melt in your mouth and they have more glaze on them then Dunkin’s plain glazed offering so they are sweeter. Hands Down, Krispy Kreme wins this one.

Next up, were the blueberry glazed cake donuts. This donut is one of my favorites and both companies nailed it. Such a tasty mix of doughy, sweet glaze with a good amount of fruity blueberry along with the melt in your mouth texture is so good. I enjoyed these as I sat in my morning cold plunge outside and it was great. Interestingly enough, the Krispy Kreme blueberry glazed were a little more flaky and crumbly which is a problem if you’re in a cold plunge, so I’ll give the win to Dunkin on this one.

Lastly, and most importantly is my favorite, the chocolate topped, sweet cream filled donut. This donut is my go-to, no matter which store I’m at. Dunkin’s version is a little different than Krispy Kreme. Krispy Kreme has a plain chocolate top, Dunkin adds a spray of cream on top of the chocolate top so you get the cream in the center and on the outside. To me, adding the extra shot of cream on top overpowers the chocolate on the rest of the donut. Krispy Kreme nails the chocolate to sweet cream ratio leaving you craving the next delightful bite.

winner with donuts

Overall, I’ve got to go with Krispy Kreme for the overall win. The Krispy Kreme chocolate topped, sweet cream filled donut takes the cake… or donut, over Dunkin. Then, when comparing the plain glazed donuts, there really isn’t much of a competition, Krispy Kreme can’t be beaten. If you are looking for a little more budget friendly option, then maybe Dunkin is the way to go. If you are looking for overall taste, then don’t drive past that Krispy Kreme store. Although, 72 donuts later, I may skip past them both the next few times I drive by.”

Well there you have it! Thanks again Sean! Make sure to keep checking out our blog for any future delicious dream job opportunities!