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Top, Premium brand in online sports betting. Excellent customer service plus live chat. Live betting (in-game) and fast payouts.


Focus is on customer support and payments. Lines are put up a bit late for smaller sports events.

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Bingo Corner

Mechanized Bingo Vs. Online Bingo

Anyone who has ever played mechanized bingo knows that it is considerably different from traditional bingo. To simplify the process, there are 80 balls and the game cards feature four columns and four rows for a total of 16 numbers ñ no blanks. Additionally, the game is played on a screen, which means that it is easier to keep track of the numbers and there are no ink pens needed to mark the numbers.

When it comes to comparing mechanized bingo versus online bingo, there are several similarities. The numbers being called are automated and it makes it easy to keep track of whatís being called. The number that was last called is seen on the screen, allowing a person to play catch up. Further, the game can go quickly, allowing for multiple games to be played in a short period of time.

Online bingo, however, is typically played on a traditional bingo card of 11 columns and 3 rows with several blank spots to ensure the game is more exciting. This allows people to enjoy more game play while going back to the roots of the bingo game more effectively.

Online bingo also includes a social aspect. When players are playing online, there is a chat room as well as a chat moderator. This allows people to talk to each other, get to know about where everyone is located and generally have more fun while playing because there is some human interaction. Those that go to play mechanized bingo in a bingo hall somewhere are likely sitting alone and focused solely on the bingo game at hand.

The bingo jackpot when playing bingo at a parlor or hall is greatly dependent upon the number of people playing as well as how much that particular place decides to take off the top in order to cover the expenses for moderating. This can leave very little in the actual pool to be paid to the player.

When an online bingo game is played, such as Bingo Royale at Jackpotjoy, there is the propensity to win a total of three different jackpots ñ as well as the possibility to receive automatic free money to play with when depositing a certain amount of money into gameplay initially.

Bingo Royale allows players to be introduced to the Queen of Bingo, Barbara Windsor. Game play begins as low as 10p and there is access to a total of three jackpots. The Super Jackpot is available if someone is able to, in 36 balls or less, complete a full house. The jackpot will vary based upon the amount of money spent for the game ñ and it can result in as much as £25,000!

Bingo has come a long way and while mechanized bingo and online bingo have their similarities; online bingo is becoming more popular because of the jackpot amounts.


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